OMIHA offers an ongoing Apprenticeship for those interested in focusing on their personal growth within a supportive community of persons also seeking more connection, happiness and passion for life. 


OMIHA is collaborating on the Coming of Age Program as a Rite of Passage for young persons to more fully appreciate themselves, their  purpose and to develop meaningful relationships as they enter young adulthood.


OMIHA offers Mindfulness/Meditation programs that help persons learn to live life with an open heart allowing the Divine energy within to be a guiding principle.  These programs focus on using Nature to easily let go of worries, stress and tension.


OMIHA offers a course on Awakening Your Light Body integrating Yoga based movement and crystal consciousness for a deeper meditation experience that is transformative. 


All activities are centered around honoring some element/s of Nature.   Examples may be; 

1. Personal exploration to determine your life passion and purpose using Nature as the backdrop; 

2. Aware of the importance of our food source, its connection to Nature, the health of the planet and our individual health and well-being

3.  Educational group experiences to appreciate a connection to and collaboration with Nature from a perspective other than our day-to-day knowing.