The Original Medicine Institute for the Healing Arts is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 spiritually-based educational organization. We offer pathways of healing in partnership with the earth, through workshops, professional development retreats, and online courses.

We are writing the future for ourselves, our children and the planet. Future generations are depending on us to find the answers to the distress the Earth Mother is signaling and to create peace with each deliberation.

Our planet is alive and churning with all of the pollution, drilling and chemicals dumped on her daily. We have the opportunity to help our planet to heal and in doing so, help ourselves to heal as well.

Cancer, respiratory illness, allergies,… so much suffering that we have brought on ourselves by not living a balanced life; a life that takes Nature into account when we make decisions that affect her – and us.

Leadership Council Members

Diane Wian, President

Patricia Stewart, Vice-President & Interim Secretary

Laurie Rogers, Treasurer

Faculty & Staff

Wynne R. Brown, Chief Council Officer & Faculty

Kathleen Werner, Chief Operating Officer & Faculty

Connie Frank, Faculty

MX Wendell Cooper, Faculty

Diane Wian, President

Diane resides in Annandale, Virginia and is a Career Consultant with particular interest and skill in helping people clearly articulate their strengths to present a clear picture of who they are and what they offer.  Diane blends her experience in consultative sales and personal development practices to accurately assess and position client skills, motivation and inspiration.


Diane’s ‘go to’ for her own inspiration, revitalization and meditation is to commune with nature, most often through a walk in the woods or swimming in open water.   See more about Diane at

Patricia Stewart, Vice-President

Pat is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. and currently living in Ocean Side, CA.  She is a licensed professional mental health counselor, trained in Hatha Yoga and Sound Healing.   Pat enrolled in the OMIHA Apprenticeship program in 2011 inspired by a desire to gain a greater knowledge of alternative healing modalities for personal and professional development as well as experience and understand various cultural practices, beliefs and methods of healing.  She has completed Awakening Your Light Body, Crystal Consciousness, Flow Alignment and Connection and Golden Body.


Pat’s desire is to share teachings and wisdom healing in its various forms, help keep alive ancient traditional practices of her ancestors, to connect more deeply with Nature and to continue to grow spiritually.


Laurie Rogers, Treasurer & Sharing Secretary

Laurie lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  She has volunteered as an advocate supporting women who experienced violent domestic abuse through the legal system as well as is a committed volunteer with OMIHA.  Laurie has always been drawn to the beauty and largeness of Nature and learned with completion of OMIHA’s Apprenticeship program that healing comes from a place of wholeness; mental, emotional and physical, supported by Nature.


Laurie uses her relationship with Mother Nature and all Her gifts, in a daily practice of hiking and walking to maintain balance, peace and grounding in her life no matter what is happening around her.   Laurie’s passion for the mission and growth of OMIHA comes from this place.  Laurie is a grandmother to four children and shares her love, respect and appreciation of Nature with her next generation.


Connie Frank, Council Member & Faculty

C.J. is a certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner, an apitherapist, an ordained minister, and a Register Nurse.   She consciously works with the energetic body, emotional body and spiritual bodies of her clients, some of which are four-legged.


C.J. has a true affinity with the Nature spirits and often makes her own healing remedies from the weed friends right outside her little cabin in Western Pennsylvania.  She enjoys doing calligraphy, needlepoint, reading with her two cats, Noodle and Yang.  C.J. looks at life as an adventure and is happy to ‘be here now.’

Wynne R. Brown, Chief Council Officer & Faculty

Wynne is an integrative medicine physician in a university setting residing in Clemmons, NC.   Wynne is an acupuncturist, and has trained in Traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, energy body work, bio-identical hormone replacement, herbal medicine, essential oils, and supplements.


With Wynne’s MD in OB/GYN at the University of Pittsburgh, and MSc (master’s degree) in food policy, City University London, she has facilitated regular weekend workshops through OMIHA on menopause, hormones, how to grow your food organically, alternative and integrative medicine topics, as well as founding the Original Medicine Apprenticeship.   Wynne has also taught Deepening Your Meditation Practice With the Golden Body, Flow Alignment and Connection™, Awakening Your Light Body, and Graduate Light Body Classes.


Wynne’s passion for health and healing is grounded in her deep connection with Nature and respect for the Earth as a living being.   She helps students discover and deepen Divine connections within, with Nature as a willing partner.  Recognizing miracles in everyday life, Wynne assists others to learn about their true nature and how to become who they are here to be.   More about Wynne at


Kathleen Werner, Chief Operating Officer & Faculty

Kate is a retired women’s health Registered Nurse Practitioner, a massage therapist and has completed and taught Awakening Your Light Body, studied Flow, Alignment and Connection and Golden Body, all involving energy healing and medicine.   Kate is a graduate of the OMIHA Apprenticeship program and currently active in the Graduate Apprenticeship program.   


Kate lives in Clemmons, North Carolina and enjoys gardening, growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Since food has always been part of Kate’s creative joy, she serves as the unofficial OMIHA ‘foodie’ and enjoys planning, preparing and teaching about food.  She is equally as passionate about sewing and creates beautiful quilts, apparel, bags/handbags as well as knitted articles.  Another major connection with Nature includes Kates’ animals, communicating with, rescuing and caring for them.  Over the years many projects Kate has overseen have centered around animals; i.e. cats, dogs, chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys.   Compassion and love of animals remains strong in Kate’s heart.