Original Medicine Apprenticeship


The Original Medicine Apprenticeship is a program that started in 2006. The call from Nature came long before the program started. With Nature as our teacher, we embarked on a journey that took us into the depths of relearning anatomy, understanding energy, and grounded in traditions that support the many who have not grown up in cultural healing practices in addition to social community norms.

We are the ones who have ancestral histories or present life histories that have created great divides in our consciousness, leaving us in a place of longing, seeking, and wondering. For some, it was the forced departure from homelands in our DNA, for some, it was leaving a religious practice, for some a deep knowing that there are larger truths.

In coming together, we have stepped away from the centuries old traditional individual apprenticeship and moved into group process. Being in a group while becoming a medicine person provides support for the personality and a way to process obstacles efficiently. And yet, those who come are often socially engaging when appropriate, but would say they are “loners”. No matter your story, we are here to support you in your growth and evolution if you so choose.


The curriculum will take you through learning by listening, reading, observing, traveling, exploring, experimenting, and expanding into the most amazing experiences of who you are.

We started with regular group retreats which included learning ritual, many ceremonies, good food, all in a Nature-based setting, and focused on self care and healing. In our gatherings, there was and continues to be time for self reflection and introspection, supported by the group energy. And, we play, laugh and have fun.

Our travels have taken us to Peru for our Initiation at Machu Picchu after completing 3 years of training. We attended the Annual Gathering of Elders in Vermont and the Apache annual coming of age celebration. We have an annual reunion in various locations around the country.

In service, we provided a Blessing of the Land Ceremony at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden prior to construction, an opening ceremony for the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, a Blessing Ceremony for a newborn and parents, and numerous non-public healing ceremonies.

With training, we practice hands-on healing and distance healing for people, animals, and all aspects of the Earth. Our curriculum is multicultural and specific for each person’s heritage. We offer free regular Interfaith Healing transmissions on the Full Moon and New Moon (see Interfaith Healing).

If you have questions, would like to attend an interest meeting on Zoom, or would like more information, email us at originalmedicineinstitute@gmail.com.